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Rocks and Minerals

Adirondack Mountains, New York

Lowlands, Carthage-Colton shear zone, Highlands, massif anorthosite.

Lombard Thrust, Montana

Lombard thrust (Helena salient), Toston fault, Townsend fault zone, Hossfeldt anticline, kink folds.

Rock Springs Uplift and Green River Basin, Wyoming

Rock Springs uplift, Green River basin, Leucite Hills, Killpecker Sand Dunes.

Rock Springs uplift, Wyoming thumbnail

Wind River Canyon, Wyoming

Archean and Paleozoic rocks are exposed in the spectacular Wind River canyon.

Wind River canyon, Wyoming thumbnail Wind River canyon, Wyoming thumbnail

The Archean Terranes of Minnesota

morton gneiss

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Morton Gneiss, in the Minnesota River Valley, is an Archean rock (ca. 3.5Ga old):
light-gray tonalite and dark-gray amphibolite inclusions. Quarter gives size.

North Carolina Geologic Maps

Full-resolution Geologic map of North Carolina (NC Geological Survey, 1985)

NC geologic map thumbnail

Tectonic maps of the North Carolina Inner Piedmont

NC geologic map thumbnail NC geologic map thumbnail NC geologic map thumbnail

Geology of the Bruneau Canyon, Idaho

Description, maps, photos, origin of one of the most scenic canyons of North America

Bruneau basin map, Idaho-thumbnail Bruneau Canyon, Idaho-thumbnail

Clarendon County, South Carolina

Case study of a county of the Middle and Lower Atlantic Coastal Plain : geomorphology, soils, vegetation, agriculture
Currently available: physiographic maps, soil map.

Geomophology of Clarendon County, SC-thumbnail Clarendon County, SC soil map-thumbnail

Microphotographs of Rocks and Minerals:


biotite crystals-close-up-thumbnail



Plagioclase (albite twinning, Carlsbad twinning, pericline twinning, Michel Lévy method), hematite, quartz (undulose extinction), sericite