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The Soils of the U.S. Lower and Middle Atlantic Coastal Plain:
the Example of Clarendon County, South Carolina

Map of the Soils of Clarendon County, South Carolina

Soil series: Br-Brogdon; Ca-Cantey; Cd-Clarendon; Do-Dothan; Fa-Faceville; Fo-Foreston; Fu-Fuquay; Gr-Grady; JS-Johnston; La-Lakeland; Ly-Lynchburg; Ma-Marlboro; Mc-McColl; Oc-Ocilla; Or-Orangeburg; Os-Osier; Pa-Paxville; Pe-Persanti; Po-Ponzer; PT-Portsmouth; Ra-Rains; Rb-Red Bay; Ri-Rimini; Ru-Rutlege; Sc-Scranton; Su-Summerton; TA-Tawcaw; Tr-Troup (SCS nomenclature from Gerald, 1976)

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To come: soil table, cross-sections


Gerald, T.R., 1976, Soil Survey of Clarendon County, South Carolina: United States Dept. of Agriculture, Soil Conservation Service.

Individual soil series can be searched on the Web for complete description, photos, geographic extension. For example a search for "Dothan soil series" will lead to the following pages: (photo, Natural Resources Conservation Service, USDA) (brief description and links, USDA) (full description, USDA) (geographic extent map, Penn State University)