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Geomorphic Divisions of South Carolina and Clarendon County, SC

1-Major geologic divisions of South Carolina

major geographic divisions of South Carolina

FL = Fall Line; OS = Orangeburg Scarp; SS = Surry Scarp; Clarendon County is shown in black dots.

2-Geomorphology of Clarendon County, South Carolina

physiographic map of Clarendon County, South Carolina

Click on map to enlarge (PDF). Adapted from Cooke (1936) and Colquhoun (1965).

During the Quaternary, as the Atlantic ocean retreated from the Atlantic Coastal plain, it left behind ancient shorelines, known now as scarps, younging toward the present coastline. Cooke (1936) named them (from the oldest -highest- to the youngest -lowest-) Sunderland scarp, Okefenokee scarp, Surry scarp, Wicomico scarp, Penholoway scarp, and Talbot scarp. I discovered along Lake Marion another scarp, that I named "Cantey scarp", between the Surry and Penholoway scarps.


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